About Me

I grew up in a rural area in New England and currently live in a small but interesting city in Southern California. In 2010, I retired from full-time brick and mortar employment. I’m finally able to work on my own writing projects for more than a few hours a week. I’m also an Indie editor, editing a variety of (mostly short) projects for individuals and small businesses.

I have eight years experience as a copy editor. I spent more than six of those years working as an editor at CARF International. Prior to "officially" becoming an editor, I wrote or edited a variety of business documents (including job procedures) for former employers, mostly while officially employed as a bookkeeper or accounting clerk.

I've always been a writer. Well, ever since that morning in the fourth grade when I got bored during a mixed fractions class and begin writing the Great American Novel. I got a D in math for that marking period. And my parents strongly suggested that I put my writing aspirations on hold until I graduated from high school.

In the 1980s, I participated in writing workshops as a part-time student in the undergraduate creative writing program at the University of Arizona. In the early 1990s, I went back to college part time and eventually completed requirements for a B.A. in English (with emphasis on writing and literature). The required math class did not wreck my grade point average as I had feared it would. I paid attention in class this time and got an A for my efforts.

I have had essays, articles, and anecdotal material published locally, regionally, and online. I'm currently writing my first novella (or, at this point, it might turn out to be a long short story), tentatively titled The Truth is Complicated.

Unfortunately, what we have to do sometimes takes priority over what we want to do. However, I do try to maintain two blogs on a semi-regular basis, including the one on this site. I gave up on a third one, but I might resurrect it someday. Maybe.

I am a former member of Romance Writers of America and the Saguaro Romance Writers (the Tucson chapter of RWA). I am also a former associate member of the Society of Southwestern Authors. Unfortunately, there are no formal writers groups in the area where I live.

You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.